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Visiting the Balkans

  WBSC Blogger 30th Oct 2019
Visiting the Balkans

Visiting the Balkans the next time you want the best nightlife and strip clubs as well.

There are many different places you can visit for amazing strip clubs. For example, you could go to Amsterdam and see sin city in action. This place has so many strip clubs in one place and they’re all specialized to suit all of your needs. And while the Amsterdam strip clubs can be quite professional, there’s one caveat which comes along with that fact, and that’s the price. When you walk into one of these strip clubs you can expect to leave a hefty sum of money there as well, and you might not even get to fuck a bitch by the end of it. It’s on you to decide whether that sounds like a good value proposition or not. 


However, the Netherlands aren’t the only destination you can count on when it comes to hot strip clubs. Many of you come from North America and are used to the system that you have in the US or Canada. The US strip clubs can be quite dirty and unpleasant at times, with many of the chicks there working for peanuts at times and this makes the quality really poor. That is unless you’re visiting some high-end strip clubs, in which case you might just have to break the bank. If you want to have a good time and get it for cheap as well, this won’t be that easy. It’s not a straight-forward matter when it comes to saving money on strip clubs in North America, and there’s a far better solution if you’re still willing to travel to Europe to have some hot fun.


No, we’re not talking about Germany here, though that would be the obvious choice as there are many strip clubs in that country as well. We’re talking about the Balkans which you have probably heard of in a very negative light. If you want to have a good time in a strip club, all you have to do is visit one of the Balkan countries and you’re on your way to have one hell of a time while still not spending that much money. If you can’t make the travel arrangements and you can’t come to the Balkans, then perhaps a stay-at-home strip show option is better to you and you’ll find plenty of reviews about those on MrPornGeek.


But if you’re still looking to travel and you haven’t given up on that, then you might just want to take care of this little adventure of yours. You can basically count on any single one of these locations to suit your needs just about perfectly, but there are a few key differences that you need to keep in mind when visiting these countries. Some of these countries have a higher living standard than others, and this means that they’ll inevitably have higher prices as well. However, some of these are just so damn cheap that there’s no way for you to spend a lot of cash even if you tried.


Now, listen, there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself these days. From classic pornography to VR Fuck Dolls, and going to a strip club isn’t for everyone. However, if you feel like you’re man enough to go to one, then expect there to be many things that you should also be aware of. First of all, no touching unless you have status. If you want to touch a stripper, then you’re going to have to pay extra. Pay enough and you’re going to be able to fuck her as well. And seeing as how we’re talking about Balkan countries here, you can expect to have an amazing time when it comes to fucking these hot bitches without spending much cash in the process either. 


The countries I’m referring to are places such as Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Bosnia, Croatia, and even Albania (Though I’d advise against visiting that one if I were you). The reason these countries are so damn cheap when it comes to strip clubs is because the living standard is a lot lower than other European countries. Croatia might be the most expensive one of the bunch, followed by Romania and Bulgaria, then you have Serbia, and the cheapest ones on the list are probably going to be North Macedonia and Bosnia. However, when you look at the night life in each country, Serbia has always been praised for having the liveliest night life in the region.


More specifically, Belgrade is the city which we’re referring to here, and it’s also known as a city that never sleeps. Now, when it comes to having fun in this city, it’s really hard to miss it. The entire place is just full of life even past midnight and well into the morning as well. From night clubs to strip clubs, there are plenty of things to do in Belgrade, and many have gone as far as to call it the sin city of the Balkans. Well, at least when it comes to the night life that is. It’s also the biggest city in the region, having the biggest population at around two million people. With that many people in one place, there are bound to be chicks who are worth nothing except some cheap sex to end your day.



But we understand that strip clubs aren’t the place for everyone. Some people might feel more at home when they’re enjoying something on their screen. However, enjoying adult content has often been a passive thing which you do from the comfort of your home. Nowadays you’ve got much more interactive mediums such as Strip Games, which are perfect if you also want some interactivity in this kind of adult entertainment. Say what you want about these games in general, but you just can’t take away the fact that they can provide you with some of the best adult entertainment that you have felt in a long while. 

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