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Bada Bing Copenhagen's International Strip Club

Bada Bing Copenhagen's International Strip Club

Bada Bing Copenhagen are EST April 2018, and are the biggest Strip clubs in Copenhagen, Bada Bing was started by well known owners of the business, since they have running Gentlemen´s Clubs in Copenhagen the last 20 years, the idea with Bada Bing came when the owner get the perfect location, in the middle of the Copenhagen Party district surrounded by lots of Bar´s, Nightclubs and Luxurious Hotels next door. The owner do not wont to open "just another strip joint" but wont a total new discovery in the Copenhagen nightlife. The owner have been living in Las Vegas Nevada and have gathered inspiration for the city's pulse and all the Entertainment Las Vegas can offer. The idea was to build a combined entertainment offering nightclub for the Party people, the businessman and the nearby hotel guest, where you can "just have a drink" ore have the full Las Vegas experiences, with exotic girls, lap-dance, stage shows, vip lounges and floor entertainment. The idea was not to build a "redlight" theme Gentlemen´s Club like all other clubs in Copenhagen, but to build a hole new experiences for Gentlemen´s Clubs in Copenhagen and focus on Party, Wibe, Music, Decoration and Party liked porn looking strippers, in Bada Bing we love all fake - boobs, ass, lips and hair, you will find the perfect porn babe in Bada Bing and that is a part of the concept.

Bada Bing are of course, built around the world-renowned name Bada Bing, Bada Bing was a fictional strip club from the HBO drama television series The Sopranos. It was a key location for events in the series, named for the catchphrase "Bada Bing", a phrase popularized by James Caan's character Sonny Corleone in The Godfather, and in that respect Bada Bing Copenhagen are built on the mafia theme with original posters, props, autographs and pictures from the original mafia movies, like The Godfather, Casino, The Sopranos, Scarface and more.

The future for Bada Bing Copenhagen are bright and already now Bada Bing Copenhagen offer Limousine service for free hotel pickup and Limousine partys with the strippers, also in the future the Bada Bing Copenhagen will offer Jacuzzi and wellness lounge, also a expansion of the Vip Lounge with private rooms are in preparation. Also in preparation are a expansion also of the Kitchen in Bada Bing, from today and serve fresh Caviar, Snacks and selections of sweets, to in the future offer dinner restaurant with steakhouse.

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