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All Strip Clubs in Kiev, Ukraine

Strip clubs in Kiev. What can one say about Kiev? Well for starters its 'Fun, Fast and Crazy!'. So, what more could one ask for you ask? Not much more with its host of nightclubs, restaurants, and pubs which are all open until the early hours. The booze is cheap and there is something here for all tastes, even the strip clubs in Kiev match the nightlife. Great for stag parties on a budget.

Featured Strip Clubs in Ukraine

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Club Type: Nude Club

A strip club in Kiev offering adult ...

Address: Kikvidze 40a Kyiv
P: +380 44 294 8357


Club Type: Nude Club

A gulp of hot air of savannah: the land there is red-hot from the dance of hot naked beauties. In the midst of industrial Kyiv there is this wonderful strip club. Everything there, beginning from the entrance stylized as hut and ending with animal skins on the walls, resembles that faraway ...

Address: Theodore Dreiser str 21 Desnianskyi district Kiev
P: +380 44 547 75 58


Club Type: Massage Club

A massage club in Kiev offering adult ...

Address: 1 Vozdookhoflotskiy ave Kyiv
P: +8 096 327 40 03

Arena Stars

Club Type: Nude Club

Classy upmarket striptease dressed up as cabaret. Sort of place you could take your wife or girlfriend, a non-threatening environment in comfoertable surroundings. The website is also in English, which is nice for those who cannot read ...

Address: Arena Entertainement Complex 3rd Floor 2A Baseyna str Kyiv
P: +380 44 209 3797

Bagira Massage

Club Type: Massage Club

A massage club in Kiev offering adult ...

Address: Degtyarovskaya St. 11 Kyiv
P: +38 44 451 55 50

Blackberry Girls

Club Type: Nude Club

A new addition to the strip club scene in Kiev, and is meant to be one hot place to ...

Address: Heroes of Stalingrad Ave 4a Kyiv
P: +380 44 597 14 09

Boiler Club

Club Type: Nude Club

A strip club more popular with the younger ...

Address: Borispolskaya str 11a Kyiv
P: +380 44 461 89 58

Cabaret Night Bar

Club Type: Nude Club

A strip club in Kiev offering adult ...

Address: President Hotel Kyiv
P: +380 44 294 3006


Club Type: Nude Club

A strip club in Kiev offering adult ...

Address: Raisa Okipna 3 (near Livoberezhnaya Metro) Kyiv
P: +380 44 517 4148

Club Rio

Club Type: Nude Club

One of the oldest strip clubs in Kiev located in the heart of the city's historical centre. This club has 3 floors with 3 bars, and something on each floor for someone. Step through its doors and be whisked away to another planet of style, taste, and most of all plenty of gorgeous ...

Address: Bogdan Khmelnitsky str 30/10 Kyiv
P: +380 44 234 32 92


Club Type: Nude Club

Corvette is like no other experience you have seen. It has a russian sauna, normal saunas, as well as a peep-show. This club truly has it all so well worth the trip out of town to reach this mecca of a place. You can relax your soul and sit back in a comfortable armchair to watch the incendiary ...

Address: Maxima Zheleznyaka str 3 Kiev

Darling Club

Club Type: Nude Club

Strip club Darling is a place where all men’s hidden erotic fantasies come true. Our beauties do know the art of dance and they’ll gladly show you all the possibilities of their bodies. Striptease for us is not just a kind of dance, it is a cult of femininity and pleasure. We have everything ...

Address: Basseynaya Street 2A Kyiv
P: +38 067 226 84 39

Doll's Mens Club

Club Type: Nude Club

A new club opened in 2012 to add to the ever growing adult entertainement scene in Kiev. Entrance was 100 UAH ( 26/05/2012) with additional 50 UAH for private seated area. Girls are well presented and most speak English but although the club is clean and glamorous it lacks atmosphere and some of ...

Address: Chervonoarmiiys`ka str 57/3 M. Olimpijska Kyiv
P: +99 380 77 44


Club Type: Nude Club

A strip club in Kiev offering adult ...

Address: Bul Lesi Ukrainki 30a Kyiv


Club Type: Nude Club

This strip club has a room to watch your favourite sports in and then a striptease room, so you get the bets of sport and women. There is also a restaurant to sample as well. Diverse in nature just like its name 'Gorod' ...

Address: Paul Tychyny avenue 7 kyiv
P: +380 44 553 86 40


Club Type: Nude Club

A trendy strip tease bar set in the theme of the detective movies from the ...

Address: 2 Raisa Okipnoyi Kyiv
P: +380 44 5410 157


Club Type: Nude Club

Marilyn might come across as a sports bar / strip club and you wouldn't be wrong even though the surroundings are elegant and stylish. Here you can billiards, smoke hookah, check your email on their free wi-fi service, or simply sit back relax with a drink and watch one of the live ...

Address: Malyshko str., 1 Hotel Bratislava Kyiv
P: +380 44 228 92 91


Club Type: Massage Club

A massage club in Kiev offering adult ...

Address: Gonchara 50 Kyiv
P: +38 67 500 2015


Club Type: Nude Club

Run down, tired and a little bit sleazy. If you want to revisit the soviet era this might be as good a place as any. Small stage with strippers who offer private dances. Conveniently situated near independence square but that is the only positive thing to say about this ...

Address: Kreshatik Street 1/2 European Square Hotel Dnipro Kyiv
P: +380 44 278 47 08


Club Type: Nude Club

Up-market gentlemans club in a relaxed and pleasent atmosphere.Bar, European cuisine and eight private ...

Address: Velyka Vasyl'kivs'ka str. 111/113 Kiev
P: +380 44 529 2000


Club Type: Nude Club

Nebesa won’t entice you with flashy interior or giant models of aircraft; instead, you’ll be offered a professional show program, beautiful girls, and good ...

Address: Avtozavodskaya str 99/4 Kiev
P: 380 44 428 22 06

Papa Club

Club Type: Nude Club

A strip club in Kiev offering adult entertainment, lap dancing, and ...

Address: Saksaganskogo str 103 Kiev
P: +380 50 077 57 23

Paradise Cabaret

Club Type: Nude Club

Located in the centre of Kiev within the Premiere Palace Hotel is this exquisite strip club that offers great pole dancing shows, as well as a good range of beers and whiskey. It is the most prestigious strip cabaret club in Kiev. Stunning girls, comfortable and stylish surroundings and girls with ...

Address: 5 Taras Shevchenko Blvd UK 1004
P: +380 44 537 45 32

Penthouse Gentlemen's CLub

Club Type: Nude Club

A small and slightly run -down gentlemens club situated on the corner opposite the new Olympic stadium.Prices reflect the establishment and price of entrance is 200 UAH. The interior is bright,brash and al la little bit 1970's. Bar drinks are cheaper than the more up-market clubs and a private ...

Address: 58 Krasnoarmeyskaya str Kyiv
P: +380 656 4646

Red Heat

Club Type: Nude Club

Situated in the alleys of the ancient Kiev, in the quiet historic Podol in close proximity to the newly built hotel "Riviera" and famous hotel, "Impreza". It is a small, cosy friendly place offering erotic dance, private dances and pole dancing shows. Serves sushi if you get a bit peckish but be ...

Address: 10 Petra Sagaidachnogo str Kyiv
P: +380 44 428 7143

Red Lion

Club Type: Nude Club

Situated on the main street Khreschatyk at the opposite end of Independence Square. Erotic show, pole dancing and private dances in Parisian style surroundings. The reality is it is expensive and not particularly good. There are better places and better looking girls. The website is also ...

Address: Khreschatyk str 27A Kyiv
P: +380 44 234 2403


Club Type: Nude Club

A strip club in Kiev offering adult ...

Address: Zhelezniaka Street 3 UK

Solid Gold

Club Type: Nude Club

Recently opened gentlemen club offers its visitors cosy, stylish interior and amazing shows. Another classy club where you could comfortably take your partner without the fear of lecherous men spoiling the entertainement.The club also offers a VIP lounge and Chill out zone. Solid Gold is located on ...

Address: Arena Entertainement Complex 2nd Floor Krasnoarmeyskaya street 5 Kyiv
P: +380 44 494 0914


Club Type: Nude Club

The largest strip club in Ukraine, located in the historical centre of Kiev. It is a large luxurious club with a good atmosphere and lots of gorgeuos girls. Every night you can enjoy full striptease for two podiums located on two floors of the club. 130 seats, 13 private booths and special programs ...

Address: Verkhnii Val Str 66/7 Kiev
P: +380 44 490 7117

Tato Club

Club Type: Nude Club

One of the famous strip clubs in Kiev. Named after its founder this clubs is more like a fashion club, so you can find plenty of chic and style. The cost of the dancers here is more than many of the other establishments but its worth ...

Address: Sophia Perovskaya str 6/11 Kyiv
P: +380 44 456 17 82

XXI Century

Club Type: Nude Club

One of the founding strip clubs in Kiev, and has a greta reputation for providing a professional and vivid experience when you step through the doors. This club aims to employ the best dancers around, so if you want to see one of the bets shows around then check yourself into this strip club in ...

Address: 51 Saksaganskogo str Kyiv
P: +380 44 289 17 03

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