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Aquah in Puerto Vallarta

A strip club in Puerto Vallarta offering adult entertainment, lap dancing and strip tease.

Location Details

Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Strip Club Type

Nude Club



+1 322 221 2071


Full Bar


MXN 0.00

Average Drinks Price

MXN 0.00


Everyone Welcome


Mon-Sun 8pm-6am.


Over 18s


No Dress Code

Club Specials

2600 Blvd. Francisco Medina Ascension,
P: +1 322 221 2071

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User Comments/Reviews

  • ElPresidente - about 4 years ago

    Your worst strip club nightmare. Talk about "the wrong side of the street"! You start by paying a commission to the taxi in the form of a cover. You'll be harassed constantly to make big tips by everyone from the doorman (who just ripped you off for the taxi commission, and now expects a tip on top) to the many waiters, procurers of woman and the dancers themselves. Expect to be overcharged and cheated every time you order a drink, a dance or a privado.

  • Pete - about 5 years ago

    Do not come to this sorry excuse of a strip club unless you want to get ripped off by shady waiters and annoying, low quality prostitutes. The place is full of Mexican drug dealers who have girlfriends there and the place has a really bad vibe. Once you are stripped out of your last cent, you will be thrown out of the place. Do not come to this place if you value your money. Prices are ridiculous, prostitutes low quality and everyone in there will try to take advantage of you being a tourist.

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