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All Strip Clubs in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Not talking about prostitutes in Buenos Aires is like not talking about Strip Clubs in Las Vegas. The fact is that Buenos Aires is one of the biggest vacation "sex" destinations in the world, and the large number of gentleman's clubs that do brisk business are essentially fronts for paid "sex". It is common knowledge that prostitution does not have the same stigma in Buenos Aires is it does here in the States. When you walk into a strip club in Buenos Aires it is understood that you are coming to negotiate for a service. Whether it is technically legal who knows but you are bound to find a beautiful lady none the less.

Featured Strip Clubs in Argentina

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This high end and exclusive strip club is located in Recoleta, and its strive to keep the girl count high with a ration of about 90 girls to 10 guys. Aside from this abundance of women there will normally be two girls poledancing ...

Address: Ayacucho 1981 Recoleta
P: +54 11 4804 9652 / 9


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This is an exclusive stip club which attracts some of Argentina's big ...

Address: Gallo 1311 Palermo
P: +54 11 4963 7195


Club Type:

Hook is a mid level strip club in Buenos Aires that tends to have younger ladies from other countries, and is very reasonably ...

Address: Suipacha 930 Recoleta


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A club offering adult ...

Address: Av Corrientes 827 Buenos Aires

Solid Gold

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A place to go if you have the bulls, as you will be hounded by the clientele but if you can hadnle this then you will enjoy ...

Address: Azcuenaga 1926 Buenos Aires
P: +54 11 48039293


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A club offering adult ...

Address: Chacabuco 166 Bueons Aires
P: +54 11 4342 1817